Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We blew a fuse in the car, the very one that is used for all of our chargers! I suppose it was the strange octopus of phone, IPad, dvd players, and Xoom we were connecting.

Since we are camping in Yellowstone and don't have a plug, and since I am using this very same Xoom for camera, blogging, email, GPS, alarm clock, weather checker, RSS feed reader, and angry birds player, I got to conserve the battery until we figure this out. Therefore I might not blog for a day or two.... or not, we will see.

After that I have a backlog of stuff going back to Idaho.

Coffeeshop in Pocatello

We stumbled across this coffeehouse in Pocatello, where the extremely friendly barista strongly recommended the cold brew. Seemed good to me, although I haven't had enough cold brew to really judge.

I browbeat N into taking a sip, and she made her usual face of disgust.

Homemade fries, in Pocatello

Well, here are some famous Idaho potatoes, prepared quite exotically.

Second night, setin' up camp

June 27, 2011, in Pocatello....

We're quite cheap, so we are trying to save a little bit of money by camping out. (In no way is driving across the country any cheaper than flying however).


About 24 hours into the trip, we eat lunch, in Twin Falls.

Goodbye Nevada!

Right before the border with Idaho is a small town called Jackpot, which is obviously there to attract gamblers from the more conservative Idaho towns. We stopped quickly to see the glitzy western settings.

Here mom tries to get the kids to pose for a picture.

Onward to potatoes.

First Night

We made it all the way to Wells NV the first day,

And stayed in the Sharon Motel.

The city itself is small,

And a bit run down at places.

We definitely aren't in Berkeley anymore.

Monday, June 27, 2011


We took off from our house on June 26, 2011, which was S's birthday. To tell you the truth, I find Nevada kind of boring, and I see California all the time, so we tried to get through as much of these states as possible in the first day. Hence I barely have any photos of anything until eastern Nevada. I did snap the following at a rest area in the Sierras before.... here you go, my only photo of California, a bathroom.

OK, a pretty bathroom.


My family and I are taking a trip across the country, and I wanted to document the whole process.

If this works out, I plan on making this into a more general purpose blog, where I can muse about computers, food, and further travels.

If you know anyone who would be interested in reading about the journey of four cool folks around the US, give them the web address.
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