Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Near Prescott is another small town, also called Prescott, but with the word "Valley" prepended to the name to differentiate it from its older sibling city. This was the city that contained the hospital where my sister gave birth to her first born child.

We waited for some time.

Then we were given the news that my sister had given birth to a baby boy. Here is the new mother.

And here is the new father son pair.


The boys were briefly able to meet their new cousin, although the hospital was pretty strict about the circumstances that they were allowed to be together. This was a great ending to a great trip, one that we couldn't have planned better.


Arizona is almost home for us.

The journey would come to an end.... Soon. We packed our bags and checked out of the hotel. We filled the car and drove to eat one more meal with my sister and brother in law, at a local restaurant. After the meal we would head out of Arizona towards home.

Of course with a build up like this, you must have already guessed that we would not be leaving quite so soon.

My sister and her husband showed up late, and smiling. Her doctors appointment had gone late. She was soon to go in labor, and the doctors had decided to schedule her to have her baby, tomorrow....

We immediately checked back into a hotel.

My sister called our parents to let them know the news.

Here is the soon to be uncle.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Prescott, AZ, The Palace Restaurant and Saloon

Amongst other things, Prescott is a part of the old wild west. Although I didn't see anyone walking around in cowboy hats like in Wyoming, the city center has one of Arizona's oldest saloons. I don't think the original menu had a vegeburger.