Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chinese Food

Like the US, India has its own mutant strain of "Chinese" food (picture me making air quotes while saying this).... Indians and Americans alike seem to think their "Chinese food" is the real deal.  We, of course, had just spent the year in Beijing, so I came to India with attitude, like I was the master of China, and smugly informed everyone that their Chinese food was fake, sadly disappointing the lot of them.

OK, I actually really like Indo-Chinese food (perhaps better than actual Chinese food....  I beg you not to tell my Sino-Chinese friends that I wrote that!)

The pseudo-Chinese food world possesses some global myths- like fortune cookies and folded paper boxes.  Who (except an actual Chinese person) wouldn't immediately recognize the following container as Chinese:

Mmmmmmmm, chili paneer.

Here is a menu at a "Chinese" (air quotes again) restaruant, which strangely includes Thai and Japanese items.

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