Tuesday, November 27, 2012


That is where we are. It has been so long since N (or I) have been here that we are basically foreigners at this point. Truth is, N's family has almost all left, so she is all the more a foreigner. Actually half or my extended family still lives in India, so I have more roots here than she does, but try to explain that to the guy on the street who just sees me as a white guy with a local girl. OK, her Hindi is fluent, and mine is pretty bad, so that doesn't help either. I do get the white guy treatment , though, in that whenever I say something simple in Hindi, people start clapping, and everyone keeps asking me if the food is too spicy (I can outdo any of you with the spices, Indian people!)

The kids have heard so much about this mythical place across the world where things are totally chaotic but the food is really good their whole life, but this is their first visit. I kept asking them what they think of India but they were just so happy to finally be back in a country where YouTube works that they locked themselves in their rooms with iPads and told their secretary not to forward any calls. I guess kids have their own expectations about what is supposed to be exciting.

I have heard enough about how much India has changed that I was pretty curious myself to see the place.

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