Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hop into the Future

When you only visit a place occasionally, it can feel like time travel.  I last stepped out of India in 1996 (N about in 1990).  When we walked back in, we were transported 16+ years into the future, and in many ways, India isn't the same place.

Here is the subway in Delhi.

Although I did see one of the first McDonalds in 1996, they are everywhere now.

One McSpicy Paneer, please!  (no beef or pork served here)

Angry birds are everywhere now!

Check out the fancy cars in front of a faux Euro-Coffee shop.

The weird thing about India (and China) is that you can always step around the corner and see the olden days still.  Although India hasn't moved as fast as China, it is still amazing to see how far things have come along.

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