Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Malls of India

In 1989, on our visit to India, my aunt announced that we needed meat and brought us to the meat market....

The meat market was a smelly, tiny, hot room with walls made of deteriorating, painted concrete.  Large carcasses of various animals were hung everywhere.  Flies covered the carcasses.  When someone asked for a chunk of meat, the butcher took out a rusty axe and hacked at the carcasses.

Although this particular occasion sticks in my mind, such was the state of shopping in socialist India.  And it still is, in many places, but you aren't limited to such quaint establishments at all, anymore.  Asia, in general has become a hotbed of modern mall shopping, and although India seems to still lag China a bit on the mall front, it certainly has some nice places.  Here are some photos of the Citywalk mall in Delhi.  (Although this is way fancier than anything I remember in India, note that there are still beggars outside, security guards at the entrance, and probably a fly covered meat market or two down the block).

Mmmm, spicy coffeeshop paneer....  We don't have that back home.

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