Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort

You go to Jaipur for the palaces.

We took an elephant ride up to the fort.

This message appeared on the snack Z was eating right after the elephant ride....  This is about the funniest thing that can happen to an 8 year old, so he had us photo the moment.

The palace was covered by many small mirrors.

N has a freakishly good sense of direction....  I have jokingly told her that she must descend from mole people or something, the way she can find her way through anything.  After seeing how complicated it was to maneuver through the fort, I now think what I said was true.

This is the toilet once used by the kings.

We went up to Jaigarh Fort, connected to but overlooking Amber Fort.

We came back in the night to see the light show.

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