Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Shaniwar Wada was a palace fort, built over 250 years ago.  It was taken by the British in 1818, and then it mysteriously burned down in 1828.  Only the stone survived....

A large front gateway remains to protect....  nowadays, well.... pretty much a wide open space of nothingness in the backside.

Those giant spikes poking out of the door actually served a purpose.  They were to stop enemies from using elephants to trample down the doors.  Back in the olden days, a simple method was discovered to circumvent these security measures.  Coax a giraffe to stand right in front of these spikes.

In case the spikes aren't enough, the gateway included cannon holes, and slots to pour hot oil on the advancing enemy.

Here are the holes from inside.

The queen's bath!  I blushed just looking at it.

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