Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Coffee House

Although it is named "Coffee House", this is a full restaurant with Northern Indian, Southern Indian, and Chinese-Indian cuisine.  I was really digging this place back in '96, and was keen to get back.

The street where this stands is profoundly different than it used to be.  I had no idea back then that right behind the camera would stand a giant shopping mall the next time I would return.  The interior is also unrecognizably different.  Only the facade of "Coffee House" itself looks the same.

As a thanks to my aunt, I tried to pay for the meal, but she had sneakily spoken to the waiter before I could, without me even realizing it.  When I spoke to him, I was informed that our meal would be (as he worded it) "free", and he couldn't accept my money.

The food was as good as I remembered it....

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