Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Buffalo Milk

Dairy tastes better in India....  I didn't realize this until this trip.

When I was little, I just found Indian milk strange.  It isn't pasturized, so you have to boil it, and then it gets a skin on the top.  It tasted different than what I was used to, so I just labeled it as weird, and left it at that.

In China, where we had just spent the year, dairy is just bad....  I don't mean this as a knock against China, which has lot's of great eat'n, but dairy ain't part of it.  So, I really noticed the difference when I came to India, and started eating some of the best kulfi, paneer, and cream sauces that I've ever had.  I mentioned earlier that Indian sweets taste best in India....  I suspect it's the diary that makes the difference.  We visited a milking farm for.... buffalos!

The photos look very quaint, but trust me, the place was really quite, um....  biological.

We bought a bag of milk, which the boys were very eager to try.  Unfortunately, it had to be boiled before consumption, and we resided in a hotel room.

The bag was given as a gift to relatives.  My boys are still sad to not have tried buffalo milk, and I have no idea how to get them some back in the USA.

N left India when she was young, but also has an odd memory of milk here....  giant milk dispensing boxes throughout Delhi.  We tracked one down while we were there and filled up.

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