Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Welcome to Pune.  Stop 2 on our India trip is where my dad grew up, and where my relatives have lived for ages.  My father left in the early 60s, and in the years since it has completely changed.

My aunt and cousins live in Pune, and were more than happy to take care of us while we were there.  They fed us well and even gave up their own bed for us during our stay.  What hospitality!

The cousins have owned an optical shop in the middle of town for over 100 years.

The center of Pune, where my father grew up, is pretty unchanged since I first saw it as a kid, but outside of that it is unrecognizable.  Pune is looking really upscale these days.

Delicious food prepared for us.

Snacks being prepared in the middle of Pune.

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