Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Garbage in India

India is filled with garbage....  I don't mean this disparagingly, or even metaphorically.  There is factual trash piling up on streets all over India, and no one comes to pick any of it up.

Yes, private enterprise in India is way more developed than before.  Unfortunately, the public sector isn't.  Most roads are still pretty bad, and electricity and water are intermittent.  Many stores and homes have just given up on the gov't and install their own electrical generators and water collection tanks.

But piled garbage is the most visible sign of this problem (maybe I *was* being metaphorical!)....  These following pictures are actually pretty typical, not cherry-picked to blog-shock you.

It is a bit of a cycle also.  Because there is garbage everywhere, there is no need for garbage cans, which means that even the WASP-iest tourist has no option but to add to the pile.

There actually *does* seem to be some sort of trash bin here, although as you can see, it is overflowing.

There is even garbage in the water.

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