Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Little Rock Accent....

Sounds just like Bill Clinton. I mean, duh, I must sound like some sort of idiot or something, and I always knew that he had a southern accent, but I never knew that Little Rock had its own particular variant of southern twang, and that it was exactly that spoken by the former governer who lived there.

It kept throwing me off. First I turned on the radio, and immediately wondered why Clinton was giving a speech. And it went on and on, I thought the guy at the gas station was Clinton, I thought some guy on the street was Clinton, I thought my waitress was Clinton.

Every time Rush Limbaugh or some other right leaning commentator imitated Clinton ("I feel your pain!"), they were basically putting on a Little Rock accent. I mean, how could we have known, no one has ever been to Little Rock.

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