Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nashville, TN, The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

If you have spent the majority of your life in Connecticut, you are a Yankee. So there we were, three Californans and a Yankee, driving through Tennessee.

Three Californians and a Yankee don't have the slightest clue about Country and Western Music. I stood in the middle of the city Googling basic concepts (for instance, what is the difference between Country and Western). I was just getting more confused, and finally gathered the family - "N, kids, we are going to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!"

This further exasperated the problem. Sure, everyone knows Elvis and Johny Cash, but beyond that is a parallel universe of personalities. Many are names that I've heard before but couldn't tell you who they are- Reba McEntire, Tammy Wynette, Minnie Pearl, Carrie Underwood, The Oak Ridge Boys....

But many names are completely new to me, like E. W. "Bud" Wendell or Mel Tillis.

Here are the pictures.

S was so affected by the music, he decided to do a number for us. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "S sings the blues."

What is this and why is it in a music museum?

OK, the museum didn't really help, I'm still a Country Western idiot.... Next time I am going to Dollywood.

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