Monday, July 4, 2011

Across Wyoming

The goal was to get across the state by the end of the day, and camp at Devil's tower. The goal was already doomed by the time we left Yellowstone at 7:46pm.

Given that it is close to the longest day of the year, we had a couple of hours of daylight left, enough to take some pictures of rural Wyoming.

The kids reeeeeally wanted to go to McDonald's (ugh), so we gave in (PBS doesn't advertise, except for lots and lots of McDonalds ads). The food was typically bad, but we met a nice fellow from Iowa and our kids became immediate best friends with his grandson. The following was taken at the Cody McDonald's.

It was getting late so we decided that we needed to give in and get a hotel. We asked N's mother to help get a reservation, and drove down the road, only to discover that a landslide had shut down route 14 in northern Wyoming. The backtracking and detour would add miles upon hours to our journey, and furthermore keep us away away from our hotel. Right after turning around, N's mother texted us with the confirmation of the hotel reservation, and a note that after she had given her credit card number they told her the road to the hotel was closed (gee, that would have been interesting to know before giving the credit card). They would not cancel the reservation, and she is still fighting the charges.

After detouring for a while, we found a much more expensive but decent enough hotel in Worland, WY. After days of camping, it was wonderful to sleep on a bed.

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