Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Topeka Part II, The Blue Planet Cafe

No sooner had I given up on Topeka, we ran into this little cafe. And I mean it when I say this was a random find, as the cafe is only opened in October and didn't show up in any GPS that we have.

The menu was vegetarian, and as soon as you enter you can smell the awesome food.

The best cafes are hang out spots where you can socialize with strangers. This place included a kids corner.

I chatted with the barista for a bit, and couldn't resist asking him about the Westboro Baptists, after showing him my newly taken photos.

He stutered a bit, looking ashamed at the mention of this group, and tried to put a positive spin on them by mentioning that they had brought awareness to the gay right movent in the area.

All in all, to date this was the best restaurant we had found on the trip, and the food and espresso would fit right in in the SF Bay Area.

Here is S doing his cute kid thing.

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