Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This mosquito was about the size of a fly, and a few of them flew into the car back at a rest stop in Missouri the night before. We killed most of them, but this guy kept evading us. The blazing heat of Omaha sun pounding on our car finally got him, as we learned the next morning.

We don't really have mosquitos where we live, so the whole concept is kind of new for S and Z. I grew up with mosquitos, so I never really thought about it much, but when describing what they are to my kids, I realized (in part by their reaction) how creepy and weird the description was (miniature flying blood sucking beasts that we must destroy at all costs). Also, after our typical parental lectures warning them not to harm worms and bugs and pine cones, they were strangely relieved at our hawkish attitude, and took to the task of eradicating mosquitos enthusiastically.

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