Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trip to New York

I've been quite for the last few days, because life has been quiet. We have been spending some relaxation time in Danbury with my family. Today, however, we headed out to New York City to meet with an old friend of N, Rachel, and her family. Rachel has two boys that are about the ages of Z and S.

We met at the Museum of Natural History. I know my way around the city, but the longer I stay away, the more dumb stuff I do there.... We got on the express subway and shot right past the museum, putting us an extra half hour late.

And here is the museum.

I always visit the Zoroastrian display.

It was well over 90° in New York, here we buy needed water.

Then it was off to Queens for dinner at a Greek restaurant named Stramatis.

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