Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Cafe in Ames, IA

It wasn't meant to be....

This was one of the places that I chose to go to when I was planning the trip. We stopped in for a meal, and I walked in to a bustling environment with a bunch of people standing around waiting for a table. So I was surprised by the response I got when I tried to be put on the list.... About a half an hour earlier, there had been a fire, right there, near where I had been standing.

Yikes, but the place looked fine, and people continued eating. In fact, the hostess assured me that the damage was minimal. So, could I get a table? Apparently not. It seems that gov't health regulations forbid food exposed when fire extinguishers go off, so half the kitchen had to be emptied. Anyone not already waiting for a table could not be seated.

But no need to worry, I could come back the next day....

"Sorry ma'am, I'll be in Chicago by tomorrow".

It didn't help that a woman waiting nearby for a table she had been promised started raving about the food, ultimately telling me I should change my cross country trip to be back in IA just so I could eat there.

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