Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creepy Guy

We decided to stay at another hotel, and after calling around a bit, N found a hotel that was relatively cheap. We made the reservation and N warned them that we would be coming in late.... The woman told us that would not be a problem, and although she would not stay up, she would leave key in the door for us, and we could pay the next day. N offered to give her credit card, but the lady did not need it.

When we rolled in in the night, there was no key to be found, and the door was locked.

The office was closed, but there was a phone number there. We dialed it to ask what was up. The obviously irritated guy told us that the room had been rented out to someone else. In fact the hotel was filled up. He owned the hotel across the street however, and there was a room there which we could have for $50. I told the guy that we expected the room for $46, the price we were quoted for the first room, and he hung up on me.

We drove across the road to speak with him in person. He was waiting in the office, and when I got to the door, before I opened my mouth he started a rambling verbal attack.

'I know your type', he yelled, 'you call, make reservations and never bother showing up'.

This was a strange insinuation, considering I had shown up. It was also strange to complain about people breaking reservations considering that he was breaking a reservation. I reiterated that I was expecting a room for the price we had been given earlier. The he snapped.

The next moment was bizarre. He jumped from behind the counter, came to me and grabbed my arm and started physically pushing me. 'That is it, I want you out.'

The guy was actually a sort of frail and old fellow, and although he seemed to be putting some serious effort into pushing, he wasn't actually able to move me at all, although the whole thing shocked me and my jaw dropped. All my brain could come up with to say was, 'Are you physically attacking me'.

Then he stood back, rethought what he was doing and said

'If you don't get out of here now, I am going to call the sheriff. Yup, that is exactly what I am going to do.'

He walked to the door behind him and started banging on it.

'WAKE UP! CALL THE SHERIFF IMMEDIATELY.' he yelled to a woman in the other room.

Then there was an awkward pause where we stared at each other, broken by him saying

'So, do you want the room'

I repeated, 'I'll take it for $46'.

He answered, '$50 is just $46 with tax'.

There was another awkward pause.

'Do you have Wifi'


Another awkward pause.

'What time is checkout'


Another awkward pause, then I took out $50 in cash (I didn't want him to have anything as identifying as a credit card). We peeked at the car first thing in the morning to make sure he hadn't slashed the tires.

Here is the hotel we stayed in

The hotel we were to have stayed in

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