Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chicago, Now and Then

I am from Illinois because my parents lived in Illinois (duh).  While we drove through the city, I called my mom and dad and had them give me a tour through the city.

Here is my mother in front of the Museum of Science and Industry back in the 60s.

Here is my mother during the great Chicago blizzard of '67.  She is standing near the Chicago Water Tower, one of the few structures to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 (no, my parents weren't around for that).

Here is the Chicago Water Tower today.

Here is what we believe was my mother's apartment, near the water tower.

The building no longer stands, but this is sort of the neighborhood.

Here is my mother in front of the John Hancock Center construction site, also during the snow storm.  As a night nurse, she really needed her sleep during the day, and all that racket across the street from the construction workers was not helping.

Here is the finished product in 2011.  I should have entered and chewed out the manager for all the racket back in '67.

Here is my father's old apartment.  I don't know if we have any old photos of it, this is from today.

It seems that during the great snow storm, my mom trekked through the snow and intermittent subway system to find her way to this apartment!

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