Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wyoming: First Impressions

Northeast Wyoming is mostly national parks. Our destination was Yellowstone, but we first drove through Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park.

Within minutes of being in Wyoming, we saw a bunch of wildlife.

Bird on a pole (seems like some crazy Angry Birds configuration).

We actually saw a moose!

I saw a bear but was'nt really able to take a picture of it (too far away, but I guess that is a good thing).

Every time an animal shows up near the road excited tourists park and block traffic, so in each of the previous photos the scene behind me was almost as interesting. When we saw the moose, S and I were so excited that we wandered pretty close to it. Someone local had to remind us of how unwise that was, so we retreated. Funny thing is that the moose walked to the road and went right up to our car with N and Z sitting inside, both quite curious and a bit nervous.

We drove through Jackson Hole, with intensions of coming back the next day.

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